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D-Backs acquire Sexson from Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Brewers reportedly have completed the trade many were expecting them to make this weekend. Sexson's contract expires at the end of the upcoming 2004 season. The Brewers saw him as their most valuable commodity now that the team payroll has been scaled back, and attention refocused on the team's farm system.

Sexson participated in the 2002 All Star Game at Miller Park, and donated his royalties from the Home Run Derby to the Wisconsin Humane Society. He was an All Star again in 2003, and started in every game this past season. Good luck in Arizona, Richie. Prince Fielder will have some (literally) big shoes to fill when he eventually comes up from the minors.


Edwards back on top in new South Carolina presidential poll.

AARP members cry foul over Medicare provision.


Walter Cronkite on the unilateral president.

Dell cancels Indian tech support.


The site was created by the Scottish National Party which is seeking independence from the UK for Scotland.

Requires Flash.

Hopeful Homebody: Edwards counting on S.C. primary to fuel momentum.

Sen. John Edwards has spent recent months under the radar, but that may work to his advantage. While other contenders concentrate on beating each other up, the North Carolina senator may surprise everyone by having a respectable showing in Iowa and New Hampshire. If he can go on to win the South Carolina primary, Edwards could very well steal the show next year.


British PM Tony Blair to be a guest star on the Simpsons.

What Dick Cheney really believes.

The New Republic has published an extensive article on the Vice President's views and motives, and how they have impacted the current administration.

Fifty places to see before you die.


War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal.


President Bush cancels speech before Parliament.


A Route for 2004 That Doesn't Go Through Dixie.

Also, see for yourself how Democrats can win back the presidency in 2004 using John Edwards' interactive electoral map.


It's Friday, and I felt it necessary to name an outrage of the week.

So kids, let's consider the candidates. Is it the fact that the US Senate is wasting time participating in a charade regarding a few judicial nominees rather than finishing the federal budget? No. The ongoing situation in Iraq? No. For Milwaukeeans, is it the public relations disaster of the Milwaukee Brewers slashing payroll and running their team president out of his job? Not even.

It's the fact that Saruman, played by Christopher Lee, has been cut out of Return of the King!


Howard Dean Still an Unknown Quantity to Many Americans

As the latest Gallup data points out, the "invisible primary" is far from over.


The Senate is staying up all night.

Before you believe the right-wing talk show hosts about how Democrats are abusing their "advise and consent" responsibility regarding judicial nominations, take a look at the facts. During President Bush's tenure, the US Senate has approved 168 judicial nominees and rejected 4. Under former President Clinton, the Senate approved 248, but blocked 63.

Whack-a-Pol - Slate helps you choose your presidential candidate.


Payroll cuts give Brewers a murky future.

The Milwaukee Brewers are cutting their payroll by roughly 25%. Obviously, this raises a number of questions. For one, those who supported the building of Miller Park have reason to be a bit put off by this announcement. If the team was to be more competitive, they needed a new stadium. That was the pitch Milwaukee was given. Now, we're seeing a team that just completed its 11th straight losing season.

Defenders of the low payroll will likely claim that the future lies in the franchise's minor league system. After all, if the talent at the major league level isn't sufficient, why throw money at it? I don't necessarily disagree that money should be set aside for these future prospects. For those unaware, the Brewers minor league system is currently one of the top rated in the country.

That having been said, the message sent by slashing payroll is that this team is deep in debt, and the only way they're going to climb out of it is if they allocate the minimum amount of money necessary to field a major league team. Now if they were drawing more fans, certainly they'd have the ability to pay more to their players. However, by cutting payroll, they're only making matters worse. Who in their right mind would predict that attendance will be higher next year than this year based on this chain of events?

I supported the building of Miller Park, not based on some convoluted economic cost/benefit analysis, but because I believed that the quality of life in Milwaukee was better if we retained our professional baseball franchise. The fact that supporters like myself are now questioning their loyalty to this cause does not bode well for the future of Brewers baseball in Milwaukee.


Edwards slams Dean again for Confederate remark.

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. John Edwards is hoping to revive his stagnant campaign, and has seen an opening provided by Howard Dean sticking his foot in his mouth this past week. Edwards, along with retired Gen. Wesley Clark, is one of two southern candidates in the race.

Dean raised a valid point last week during the debate in that Democrats need to convince more voters in the south that their party is more in tune with their needs than the GOP. Unfortunately for Dean, the fact that he didn't articulate that concern very well has left the frontrunner open to a feeding frenzy from his competition.

The fallout from this may lead to more Dems concluding that while Dean could win the nomination, he could also be a longshot to win the general election.

Making the troops pay twice.


Jessica Lynch rejects military portrayal of her ordeal.

Somehow I doubt we'll see the same uproar about this from the administration and their water carriers as we did about the Reagan mini-series. They need all the propaganda they can get to keep support for the war in Iraq alive and kicking.


Turning 30 makes you cool!

As someone who recently retired from his twenties, I'll go along with that.


Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Joseph R. Wall wrote an impassioned editorial in Sunday's Journal Sentinel.

In the letter, he speaks to the issue of poverty and hopelessness in Milwaukee's inner city as he prepares to sentence a 14-year-old boy to his third felony offense in two years.

Take the time to read this today. The things Mr. Wall wrote about are factors that are all too often ignored when it comes to developing sound public policy.

Thanks to Scott over at World of Drivel for sending this one to me.

Man drank enough to kill himself - then drove home.


Badger Poll: 69 percent say no to concealed guns.

The WMSE fall membership drive is under way.

If you're a Milwaukeean, you know how bad commercial radio has gotten in this town (unless you posess a plethora of bad taste). So take a few moments, call your favorite DJ, and give some $$$. You can even donate securely online at their website.


Stemming Stem Cells - A case study in modern Washington dishonesty by Michael Kinsley.


Thousands Given Wrong STD Results in British Columbia.