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Carrying a little stick and speaking loudly in Milwaukee


Okay, I've now gotten around to watching video footage of the convention speeches from the last couple nights. It seems as though there are more media members and bloggers at this thing than actual delegates and Democratic Party members.

Therefore, for the moment, I'll simply post text of the most inspiring portion of President Clinton's speech. He's used this theme many times recently during his book tour and in interviews I've seen and read.

At every turning point in our history we the people have chosen unity over division, heeding our founders’ call to America’s eternal mission: to form a more perfect union, to widen the circle of opportunity, deepen the reach of freedom, and strengthen the bonds of community.

It happened because we made the right choices. In the early days of the republic, America was at a crossroads much like it is today, deeply divided over whether or not to build a real nation with a national economy, and a national legal system. We chose a more perfect union.

In the Civil War, America was at a crossroads, divided over whether to save the union and end slavery—we chose a more perfect union. In the 1960s, America was at a crossroads, divided again over civil rights and women’s rights. Again, we chose a more perfect union. As I said in 1992, we’re all in this together; we have an obligation both to work hard and to help our fellow citizens, both to fight terror and to build a world with more cooperation and less terror. Now again, it is time to choose.


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