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Salon reporter Eric Boehlert has an article in Salon about the lack of coverage the mainstream media has given to the Jeff Gannon/James Guckert story:

"Ordinarily, revelations that a former male prostitute, using an alias (Jeff Gannon) and working for a phony news organization, was ushered into the White House -- without undergoing a full-blown security background check -- in order to pose softball questions to administration officials would qualify as news by any recent Beltway standard. Yet as of Thursday, ABC News, which produces "Good Morning America," "World News Tonight With Peter Jennings," "Nightline," "This Week," "20/20" and "Primetime Live," has not reported one word about the three-week-running scandal. Neither has CBS News ("The Early Show," "The CBS Evening News," "60 Minutes," "60 Minutes Wednesday" and "Face the Nation"). NBC and its entire family of morning, evening and weekend news programs have addressed the story only three times. Asked about the lack of coverage, a spokesperson for ABC did not return calls seeking comment, while a CBS spokeswoman said executives were unavailable to discuss the network's coverage."

AmericaBlog reports that Jeff Gannon/James Guckert has launched a new blog.

Maybe these rants on his new site will convince the mainstream media other than Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, and Jon Stewart to do more investigation into why this non-journalist was able to clear a background check, obtain access to the press room for over two years, use a fake name, and be able to regularly get called on by press secretary Scott McClellan and President Bush in press conferences.


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