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Carrying a little stick and speaking loudly in Milwaukee


The HBO website has posted a preview of the upcoming documentary Left of the Dial which covers the rise, fall and resurgence of Air America.

Drudge has posted a synopsis of the show which is set to air March 31st on HBO.

I'm also urging readers to take a few moments to sign a petition to bring the Air America network and other liberal talk radio to Milwaukee where conservatives currently dominate the airwaves.


At 3/23/2005 09:57:00 AM, Blogger cambridgeJason said...

As expected, a nice impartial critique by Drudge.

At 3/23/2005 12:18:00 PM, Blogger Scott said...

For Drudge, I actually thought it wasn't a bad take. I mean let's face it. In its beginnings, Air America was a mess. The people in charge lied about how much money was in the kitty and about the problems with the Chicago and LA. It's a great success story that they were able to move on from that, get some fresh $$ and grow to have 50 some affiliates now. I guess they will be in Chicago on the 31st which means they'll be in all 10 top media markets.


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