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Carrying a little stick and speaking loudly in Milwaukee


Former President Bill Clinton rallied for Tony Blair at a Labour Party meeting leading up to the May 5 election.

Appearing on a giant screen at a Labour Party meeting in London, the former Democrat leader warned that when a country has "a progressive government in power, our people get a little easily disillusioned."

"They don't like this policy or that policy. They sometimes fall into the trap of thinking it doesn't matter and there are no consequences."

"But if you believe that look at the difference in the US between now and four years ago," he said, in a reference to the election of President George W. Bush, a Republican, in the United States.

While the White House says it's staying out of the election, they know well enough that Clinton's endorsement will help Blair and that Bush's involvement would severely damage Labour's chances of staying in power.

UPDATE: My friend Jason, of Cambridge Chatter, just reported to me via email from his vacation in London. Apparently, the Conservatives are using the Iraq war and Blair's relationship with George W. Bush as a primary weapon in the weeks leading up to the election. It is ironic to see fellow conservatives using Bush in this manner especially when many of them supported Blair's march to war to begin with.


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