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The House voted on Wednesday to end all federal estate taxes after 2010. This just follows the current trend of mismanagement when it comes to the federal budget under the Republican controlled Congress and President Bush.

The national debt has risen to $7,792,607,796,216.29 as of yesterday.

When have we ever continually cut taxes in a time of war? Where is the call for sacrifice? Since the government is not collecting new revenue to finance this new foreign policy, it's almost as if the war is free! The sad irony is those same troops who are serving our country right now, along with their children and grandchildren, are going to have to finance the debt we're running up to pay for the very wars they're fighting.

In Iraq, we are still building permanent military bases, and there is a similar situation materializing in Afghanistan. This president and Congress love to play on the emotions of the country's citizenry when it comes to supporting our men and women in uniform, but their actions do not back that up.

If there was ever a president who believed in the ethos of having your cake and eating it too, I believe we've found him and he ought to be ashamed.


At 4/14/2005 01:22:00 PM, Anonymous Ben said...

As the brother of a soldier and former Marine (himself a Kerry-voter) who has left many times for parts unknown in the name of country and duty, there's no end to my amazement that the Right is always thought of as the promilitary party. When did Liberal or Democrat ever come to mean pacifist?

During major combat operations, the Bush Administration cut military combat pay, cut funding to on-base primary and secondary education for military families, cut VA benefits. Dick Cheney personally profitted from no-bid contracts over $18M, later saying he would see the money was gotten rid of (I wanna see a receipt).

And just recently Republicans in the Senate rejected a Dem proposal to supply more funding to backlogged VA hospitals ( I have heard firsthand accounts of the conditions of military hospitals. Veterans returned from Iraqa to conditions in Georgia where they had to wait up to 2 months to see a doctor despite serious injuries.

Other notable points:
-Liberals dropped the bomb
-Liberals ran both World Wars, and plenty others
-Many Democratic leaders served like Kerry, Gebhardt, Gore, Dascle, Cleland, Ted Kennedy, JFK, Hollings, and more. (
You know who didn't? Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush was still awol, and more (also on the above list).

The right is not promilitary. They're promilitary contract. If their wasn't so much money to be made, the right would go back to their roots as Isolationists.
This administration is nothing more than a franchise.

Congratulations to Scott on breaking (any minute now) 1000 names on the petition.


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