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Arrests sought in election fraud

The two shysters in question have admitted to filling out multiple voting registration cards using fake names.

Lewis' warrant says he was fired by Project Vote for submitting a registration card in the name of a dead person, but before he did that, he allegedly turned in duplicate cards for the same voter on "numerous" occasions. He admitted turning in multiple entries for some family members, the warrant says.

Lilly and Lewis were charged with five felonies each: three counts of forgery, one count of election fraud and one count of misconduct in public office, because they had been sworn in as deputy voter registrars for the registration effort. If convicted as charged, each could face a maximum possible sentence of 25 years in prison.

As the article points out, Wisconsin governor Jim Doyle has proposed a law that would prohibit paying voter registration workers on a per-signature basis. This seems like a common sense reform since it goes to the heart of the problem at hand. Hopefully, the state legislature will pass it ASAP.


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