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In his press briefing today, White House press secretary Scott McClellan left open the possibility that John Bolton could get a recess appointment if the Senate refuses to confirm him.

"'We're focused on getting him an up-or-down vote on the floor of the Senate. And hopefully some Democrats will recognize that there is a reasonable effort to reach a compromise and will break with the ranks of their leadership,' McClellan said.

'It's unfortunate that the Democratic leadership continues to block his nomination, particularly when he has majority support,' he said. 'It's very clear now that the Democratic leadership is not interested in the information. They're only interested in blocking this nomination.'"

A group of Senators have requested the White House turn over communications intercepts Bolton requested from the National Security Agency while serving in the State Department. The Senate has a say in this matter, and if the White House doesn't turn over the requested information it is they who are "blocking the nomination." If there's nothing incriminating there, then why not come forward with the information?


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