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Tragic story gets worse

On Meet the Press a few weeks ago, Jefferson Parish president Aaron Broussard spoke of a colleague's mother drowning in a nursing home before rescue crews could reach her.

As it turns out, she did drown, along with over 30 others. The owners of the nursing home have now been charged in connection with their deaths.

Broussard's sequence of events also didn't match with the facts that have come to light.

Broussard must have been confused “because I was calling, not my mother calling me, I was calling her,” Rodrigue said. Further, Rodrigue says he never made any calls after Monday, the day he figures his mother died, based on conversations he’s had with another person who had a family member perish inside St. Rita’s. Officials believe that the residents of St. Rita’s died on Monday, Aug. 29, not on Friday, Sept. 2, as Broussard had suggested.

Broussard could not be reached for comment Friday, but Jackie Bauer, a spokeswoman for Broussard who was present during the Meet the Press interview, said "it was a misunderstanding."


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