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The politicization of Veterans Day

Paul Rieckhoff, head of Operation Truth, reacting to President Bush's speech today:

“On Veterans’ Day, the President spoke a lot about the reasons for the war in Iraq, but very little about how he plans to take care of the people fighting that war, and what the future holds for them.

“Those of us who fought in Iraq deserve to know why we became Veterans in the first place. On today of all days there should be consensus on the need to rise above partisan bickering over who said what in Washington and begin real investigations into prewar intelligence. It’s unfortunate that the President doesn’t think he owes that to the people who have been unwavering in their bravery while carrying out his plans.”

Today is supposed to be a day to honor veterans, and not an opportunity to use them as a backdrop while you engage in some beltway catfight. Conservatives are elated that the president appears to be fighting back against war critics. Liberals are ticked that their patriotism is again being questioned. Meanwhile, the important questions about faulty pre-war intelligence go unanswered.


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