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Ricky Gervais podcast

Ricky Gervais, creator of the BBC series The Office, now has his own podcast called the Ricky Gervais Show.

Gervais hosts the show with Stephen Merchant (who co-wrote the Office) and Karl Pilkington. The show covers topics ranging from technology to market testing of sex machines to charitable giving on Christmas.

In other podcast news, Jason of Dyskeptic Radio and Jim at Watchdog Milwaukee will be combining efforts to produce a brand new local show.


At 1/01/2006 04:52:00 PM, Blogger cambridgeJason said...

It seems that everything Ricky Gervais touches is brilliant. The Office, Extras, and now his podcast are all incredibly funny. Fact!

At 1/22/2006 05:07:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had some trouble finding the older Ricky Gervais podcasts but now I've found them all at - they're so funny - the mans a genius!

At 7/21/2008 03:50:00 AM, Blogger Telepop said...

Listen to all the shows Ricky, Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington did on XFM by going to The Ricky Gervais Show XFM Vault


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