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Permanent bases in Iraq

The mainstream media has been asleep on many issues surrounding the invasion of Iraq, our future plans there being one. I'm thinking there are more than a handful of Americans who would be interested to learn we have no plans of pulling out of Iraq anytime soon.

Kevin Drum points to this article by Tom Engelhardt that raises the red flag on this matter:

There are at least four such "super-bases" in Iraq, none of which have anything to do with "withdrawal" from that country. Quite the contrary, these bases are being constructed as little American islands of eternal order in an anarchic sea. Whatever top administration officials and military commanders say -- and they always deny that we seek "permanent" bases in Iraq -– facts-on-the-ground speak with another voice entirely. These bases practically scream "permanency."

Unfortunately, there's a problem here. American reporters adhere to a simple rule: The words "permanent," "bases," and "Iraq" should never be placed in the same sentence, not even in the same paragraph; in fact, not even in the same news report. While a LexisNexis search of the last 90 days of press coverage of Iraq produced a number of examples of the use of those three words in the British press, the only U.S. examples that could be found occurred when 80% of Iraqis (obviously somewhat unhinged by their difficult lives) insisted in a poll that the United States might indeed desire to establish bases and remain permanently in their country; or when "no" or "not" was added to the mix via any American official denial.


At 2/20/2006 04:17:00 PM, Blogger Craig said...

Somehow I feel like the British on Scotland and Ireland. Occupy in a country. What a senseless idea. wtf! 2008 can't come sooner.


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