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Walker drops out

Milwaukee County Exec Scott Walker has announced he is withdrawing from the race for governor. His statement is here.

As a Republican, Walker would have had a tough time capturing votes from anti-Milwaukee Republicans out state. Walker's exit means Congressman Mark Green will take on Gov. Jim Doyle in the November election.

Despite Doyle's current poll numbers, I continue to believe he will win the election, albeit by a narrow margin of around five percentage points. I'm waiting for him to take my advice and challenge Green and the state GOP on reproductive freedom considering the current makeup of the US Supreme Court.

Xoff points out that it's probably not a coincidence that RNC Chair Ken Mehlman was in town shortly before Walker dropped out.


At 3/27/2006 10:43:00 AM, Anonymous Ben said...

That's funny.

So he dropped out of the race like he dropped out of college.


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