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Immigration debate requires reason

Today, the president came out staunchly against any legislation calling for massive deportations of illegal immigrants. While the specifics of immigration reform are debatable, I have to say that Bush deserves credit for rejecting such an idea so vocally. It's unrealistic, and immoral for the damage it would do to families. Children who are born in the United States are automatically considered citizens.

Unfortunately, the immigration debate is a perfect example of an issue that is too often viewed in black and white terms. This has resulted in the messed up situation we find oursevles in where millions of immigrants are residing in the country without status. On one hand, you have emotionally charged reactionaries like this guy calling for all illegals to be kicked out. On the other hand, it's ridiculous for the other extreme to say we should just relax our immigration restrictions and allow as many people in as possible.

A sensible immigration policy requires that we recognize the millions of people here who are working and don't have any status. The solution lies in creating a method by which they can obtain a work visa, permanant residency, and eventually eligibility for citizenship. Failing to admit that's what we must do will only result in more of the current problem.


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