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A pro-Kyoto treaty nominee for Treasury?

The president nominated Henry M. Paulson Jr. to succeed John Snow as Treasury Secretary on Tuesday. During his tenure as chairman of Goldman Sachs, Paulson has fought to curb global warming and get the United States to sign on to the Kyoto protocol which would place limits on emissions. As chairman of both Goldman Sachs, he has argued that it's imperative for the US economy that we do so.

Statement from the Nature Conservancy, where Paulson serves as Chairman of the Board.

The Kyoto Protocol is a key first step to help slow the onslaught of global warming and benefit conservation efforts…Until the United States passes its own limits on global warming emissions, innovative companies based here will lose out on opportunities to sell reduced emission credits to companies complying with the Kyoto Protocol overseas. Additionally, without enacting our own emission limits, U.S. companies will lose ground to their competitors in Europe, Canada, Japan, and other countries participating in the Protocol who are developing clean technologies.


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