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The paper vs. the governor

If there was ever a sense that the Journal Sentinel has been carrying water for Gov. Jim Doyle, Bruce Murphy debunks it in his column in Milwaukee Magazine.

The JS has also been checking the Doyle administration’s inner documents and staff calendars in its effort to question major campaign contributions received. A July 7 story headlined “Timing of Doyle gift questioned” merely told us that former administration secretary Marc Marotta met with a Philadelphia attorney on the same day the lawyer donated $10,000 to Doyle. So who was questioning the gift? Both State Elections Board head Kevin Kennedy and State of Wisconsin Ethics Board attorney Jonathan Becker were interviewed, and neither offered criticism. The only critic was state Republican Party Executive Director Rick Wiley, who was quoted accusing Doyle and Marotta of “lying” and “arrogance.” This is a front-page story?

The editorial board may still endorse Doyle, but the editors in the news division seem to be aligning themselves more with conservative talk radio all the time.


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