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Post 4th post

Hope all of you were able to enjoy your 4th of July. If you had the day off, all the better.

I awoke, walked down to the local coffee shop and took in the parade down here in Bay View. A few notable faces were present including Rep. Jon Richards, Sen. Jeff Plale, and County Exec Scott Walker (who received a less than stellar reception). It was civil though, and people enjoyed themselves. There is plenty to be upset about right now given the state of the nation and where we're headed on any number of fronts domestically and internationally.

One's love of country does not need to mean one cares much for its leaders. Questioning the government's actions when you see it hurting the country is the epitome of patriotism. It's just as much that person's country as the one who carries water for a failed administration.

Now go here to watch 45,000 bottle rockets being set off.


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