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Riley drops out, Dems hopeful of taking Senate

While I was away, Donovan Riley quietly dropped out of the Democratic Primary for State Senate. It wasn't unexpected, since he didn't deny the double voting charge from the 2000 election. Even if it is a legal matter, you should be able to say yes or no when a reporter asks you if you voted twice.

Riley had been challenging state Sen. Jeff Plale (D-South Milwaukee) in the primary. Many Dems aren't happy with Plale's stance on issues like stem cell research, and concealed carry. I'm thankful the charge arose now rather than after the primary had Riley won. Plale's not a perfect senator, but I'd certainly rather have him than another reactionary like Sen. Tom Reynolds.

Holding the seat will also be important for Dems if they are to pick up the State Senate. The Assembly is pretty unlikely since the districts are currently drawn in favor of Republicans, but the Senate is a good possibility consdering they're only down 5 seats (19-14).


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