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Fred points to a story from the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and it's not good. Earlier this year, a dog recovered a bag from Tichigan Lake that contained the bodies of several drowned cats. The Racine County Sheriff's Department tracked down a local man named Mike Miller who admitted to drowning the cats after feeding them for nearly two years. Previous efforts to humanely trap the animals allegedly went unheeded by Miller.

The ALDF has contacted the Racine County District Attorney Michael Nieskes who hasn't taken any action against the man so far:

ALDF learned of the situation after a Racine resident read in a newspaper that authorities would not take action because no law was being broken. But a quick look at Wisconsin code reveals that Miller’s alleged actions are illegal under Statute 951.02, which prohibits treating any animal in a cruel ("causing unnecessary and excessive pain or suffering") manner. Drowning results in a slow, agonizing death, causing an animal to suffer up to 20 minutes and is condemned by the American Veterinary Medical Association in its 2000 Report of the AVMA Panel on Euthanasia.

ALDF sent a letter to the Racine County District Attorney urging criminal cruelty charges, but no response has been received.


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