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Carrying a little stick and speaking loudly in Milwaukee


Some voters in the UK are getting a chance to take advantage of different voting technologies in today's elections. Text messaging, touch-tone telephone, the internet, and interactive digital television are just some of the options available.

It sounds great on the surface. The problem is that technology often fails both in terms of its reliability, and in this case in its ability to prevent fraud. What's to say that some organized interest couldn't obtain these voter ID codes and manipulate the results? It certainly could make the difference in a small scale local election. Until these questions are resolved, I say get yourself down to the neighborhood polling place, greet that volunteer with a smile, and mark your ballot.

If you really want to raise voter turnout, let's move Election Day to the weekend, or perhaps make it a national holiday by merging it with Veteran's Day. While some veterans groups have voiced concern about the latter, what better way to honor them than by exercising the freedom they've fought to preserve?


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