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Carrying a little stick and speaking loudly in Milwaukee


As Milwaukee gears up for the inevitable reconstruction of the area's freeway system, lines are being drawn and sides taken on how to rebuild it.

As Waukesha Freeman reporter Dennis Shook opines, Citizens Allied for Sane Highways (CASH) has been one of the most vocal opponents of expanding the East-West freeway in the city of Milwaukee. In the Story Hill neighborhood alone (the area north of Miller Park), 140 houses and 13 businesses would be destroyed according to CASH.

Much to the chagrin of Waukesha officials, the state is leaning toward rebuilding the freeway from the Illinois border to Milwaukee first before tackling the East-West.

Schuldt said if she had the chance to talk to freeway expansion advocates like Kanavas and Finley, she would "invite them to come to Milwaukee. Then I would invite them to look these people in the eye and say, 'I want to tear down your house so I can get to the Zoo from downtown four minutes faster, some 20 years from now, during rush hour.'"

The local daily ran a column on the history of freeways in Milwaukee this past week for those interested.


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