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Carrying a little stick and speaking loudly in Milwaukee


The 2005 baseball season opened up today. Despite the negative attention on salaries, steroids, and stadium deals, there's still something about baseball in America that is sacred.

It's the only major sport that doesn't move left to right (or right to left) like television friendly sports do, and doesn't have a clock. Here in Milwaukee, we cherish that longtime tradition of tailgating, and I have to say that there's nothing quite like hanging out with a group of friends, firing up the grill, and having a cold beer on a warm summer day at the ballpark.

By the way, for you Milwaukeeans, the local team won 9-2 today over the Pittsburgh Pirates.


At 4/06/2005 11:15:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Start getting the word out.
My birthday at Miller Park on July 16th. It's a day early, but so what. I'd rather fire it up on a Saturday night, than a Sunday afternoon.

Tailgate when the park opens, see the Brewers increase their division lead to 5 games over the Cards. And to Bay View when the game is over.

Alright, I have been drinking already. There is no way in hell that the Brewers will be within 15 games of the Cards by mid-July, but it will be fun anyway.

-Andrew of Ed Fest Fame

At 4/09/2005 03:59:00 PM, Blogger Scott said...

I'm ready. As much as I'm happy about DC baseball, they will get no love from this Brewers fan. They're goin' down.


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