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Carrying a little stick and speaking loudly in Milwaukee


Folkbum has a must read post about the People's Legislature gathering from the past weekend.

In particular, I have to echo his comments about how badly gerrymandered the state legislative districts in Wisconsin are:

Redistricting reform. This is a bug that's been growing under my saddle for some time now. How is it that a state that votes 50-50 in presidential elections, elects a Democrat with less than 50% for governor, and elects two Democratic US senators has a legislature that is nearly 2-1 Republican? (This partisan rhetoric is all me, not the People's Legislature). Without the threat of real competition, our legislators will never start being responsive to the people--you and me--whom they supposedly represent.

I've been meaning to address those very points, and believe the concerns of Wisconsin residents aren't being represented in the state legislature as a result of this problem.


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