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From the Times of London, one of the United Kingdom's conservative newspapers: Bush questioned over papers leaked in UK

A group of 89 Democratic congressmen have written to Mr Bush expressing their shock at the revelations - which have not been disputed by the Government in London - saying that the documents raised "troubling new questions" over the legal justification for the invasion, and regarding "the integrity of our administration". The letter, which has thus far elicited no response from the White House, notes that if they are correct, the documents suggest that not only was the decision to go to war taken months before Mr Bush sought congressional authorisation for war in October 2002, they would also bear out charges that the administration manipulated intelligence to back up its case, and that US diplomatic moves before the conflict were little more than a charade.

Alas, it appears the US news media, television in particular, would rather focus on Paula Abdul's scandal and the Michael Jackson trial than why we went to war on false premises.


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