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Frist flip flops on Bolton vote

The Senate Majority leader had been saying there wouldn't be any further votes on John Bolton's nomination since it's clear he doesn't have the votes to be confirmed. After a meeting with the president, Frist says he will schedule another vote.

Their strategy is likely this: Hold a third cloture vote on Bolton knowing ahead of time it will fail. This will provide more political cover for President Bush to make a recess appointment of Bolton when Congress is out of session in July or August.

I have little doubt that if the White House insists on not providing documents requested by the Senate and doesn't withdraw Bolton's nomination, this president has the arrogance to give the finger to the Senate and make the recess appointment.


At 6/22/2005 03:52:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, US Senator and the words 'flip flop' in the same sentence, I wonder where I heard that before ?


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