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Plasma televisions for State Senate offices? The most basic plasma screen televisions are around a couple grand a piece which is hardly necessary for use in a State Senator's office.

The Wisconsin Eye program, which would take the C-SPAN concept to Wisconsin's legislature, is a great idea. However, I know from experience that in DC, Congressional offices utilize pretty modest televisions. When I was a staffer, I had a craptastic 5" black and white TV at my desk, and it functioned just fine for monitoring the Senate floor. Hmm, I'm suddenly envisioning having a 50" plasma in my old cubicle complete with 5.1 digital sound.

Anyway, I'm willing to help resolve this little mess so if you work for the state legislature, go to Yahoo's shopping page and I'm sure you'll be able to find 33 affordable televisions that will function just fine for what you need them to do.


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