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There's a follow up to last week's revelation that SCOTUS nominee John Roberts reportedly is not/has never been a Federalist Society member.

The WaPo has obtained a copy of the 1997-98 Federalist Society directory, and it lists Roberts as being on the steering committee. Curious for a guy who said he has no memory of being a member. If Roberts' memory is this bad, we may need to be concerned about his recollection of two hundred years of established case law.

I felt obliged to add the new information today. After all, I wouldn't want to be sued for libel.


At 7/25/2005 09:06:00 PM, Blogger PRB said...

The Federalist Society thing is...odd. I seriously doubt that it will have any major impact, but it seems like a funny thing to slip one's mind.

At 7/26/2005 01:49:00 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Yeah in the scheme of things, it's not as important as his views on past cases. It is interesting how the guy has been walking on eggshells his whole career though. I would've thought more conservatives would be distraught by Roberts' persona of not rocking the boat.


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