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Halbach family steers clear of politics

In the wake of the brutal murder of Teresa Halbach, and the charging of Steven Avery, some have stepped up the debate on issues like the death penalty and concealed carry.

Wisconsin hasn't had the death penalty since 1853, and it has not passed laws allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons.

Some in the state legislature would like to change those laws riding on the publicity of the case. They'll have to do so without the help of Halbach's family members like Teresa's brother Mike Halbach:

"It is important to note that it is the politicians who are renewing these discussions, and not my family and I," he wrote in an e-mail.

"These renewed discussions will result in what is best for the state of Wisconsin, whether it's a continuance of the laws we currently have or a change. It boils down to what the 5 million people of Wisconsin want, not the family of Teresa Halbach."


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