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Scott Walker: hypocrite

Eye on Wisconsin has picked up on an interesting pattern coming from Milwaukee County Exec and gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker.

Walker has accused Gov. Jim Doyle of awarding contracts based on political contributions, an unsubstantiated accusation. The contract in question had an open bidding process and there's no evidence of any shady dealings took place.

The interesting part is that Walker has received thousands of dollars in campaign donations from a couple of execs for Phoenix Care Systems. Now this revelation from Eye on Wisconsin:

In 2004, Phoenix Care Systems and seven other companies went through a bidding process for a Milwaukee County contract. During this same year two Phoenix executives gave to the Walker campaign (pages 1 and 2). Five of the seven companies competing with Phoenix scored higher than them, yet Phoenix ended up getting the contract (Scored pages 1, 2, and 3). Phoenix was chosen for the contract less than three months after the two executives gave their last gifts of the year to Walker. This was no small contract (remember the Adelman contract was only $250,000). The Milwaukee County contract that was awarded to Phoenix was for $1,248,112!

Way to practice what you preach there Scotty.


At 11/22/2005 10:02:00 AM, Blogger said...

Speaking of preaching, Walker's father is a preacher. Imagine that. When all that preaching was being done, were was little Scooter?

If he ever got cornered for his lack or morality and was faced with having to own up to it, he would surely blame his own father for not teaching him moral values.


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