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Report issued on FDA's rejection of emergency contraception

Back in September, Susan Wood, head of the Food and Drug Administration's Office of Women's Health, resigned in reaction to the agency rejecting making Plan B AKA the "morning after pill" available over the counter. She alleged the agency was ignoring scientific research showing the pill is safe and should be made available for purchase without a prescription.

Now we have a report from the Government Accountability Office that says FDA took unusual steps in rejecting the the sales of Plan B. It's also being reported that some of the documents GAO looked at show the decision to reject over the counter sale may have been made before the scientific research could be completed.

The report confirms what we knew in September. The current government continues to ignore science and instead tries to play the role of parent in imposing codified morality on the rest of us.

In the meantime, women are being denied having their prescriptions filled at stores like Target because moralistic pharmacists think they know better than the women themselves or the doctor who prescribed the medication to begin with.


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