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Dems must become reform party to win

Another major scandal broke wide open this week with the indictment of Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff. It could be far reaching in that it affects a lot of sitting Republican congressmen who took money from him. In fact, Abramoff raised more than $100,000 for the Bush campaign for president.

Democrats are certainly hoping the exposure of the corruption of key Republican lawmakers will help throw them from power in the November elections. Howard Dean, and the rest of the party's leadership need to do more than just sit back and watch the GOP fumble. They need to come out and become the true party of reform at a time when cynicism in government is running rampant.

Mark Shields put it well last Friday on the Newshour when summarizing the winners and losers of 2005:

"I'm disappointed in the Democrats. They are running ten points ahead of the Republicans in the four major nonpartisan polls held in December for 2006. But I think they missed the chance. I think they missed a golden opportunity. It's still there.

But in the midst of this sea of sleaze not to become the reform party, Tom Allen of Maine, Barney Frank of Massachusetts, Dave Obey of Wisconsin, and Dave Price of North Carolina, introduced a reform package, a very straightforward reform package, no more room, board and tuition from Jack Abramoff or any other lobbyists, no lobbying by former members on the floor during votes or anything of the sort - I mean, just kind of straightforward things.

And the fact that the party has not embraced it and made it its own and become the reform party tells you something that there is something missing there in the Democrats."


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