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Waukesha water update

As the local daily reports, Waukesha is looking into its options for new sources of water to fulfill their needs into 2030. In theory, this includes looking to Lake Michigan, but this paragraph quoting Waukesha's utility manager Dan Duchniak says it all about the chances of that happening:

"However, it's likely that any agreement in which Waukesha acquires Lake Michigan water would require its eventual return. Utility officials did not address that issue Monday, although Duchniak has said he would not favor returning the water. Instead, it should be sent to the Fox River that flows through Waukesha and ultimately enters the Mississippi River, Duchniak said."

Since Waukesha lies west of the subcontinental divide, its water naturally flows back to the Mississippi via the Fox River. This is why they're currently barred from getting Milwaukee water in the first place. If Waukesha refuses to return the water it uses back to Lake Michigan as part of reaching an agreement, the chances of them actually getting such a deal are slim to none.


At 1/25/2006 11:15:00 AM, Anonymous ProLife&Liberal said...

Good. As a Milwaukeen (city) we suffer from enough sprawl already. I don't mind living closer to the lake to get my water and others shouldn't either. And if we are to be better neighbors with each other then it still is only fair that Waukesha returns the water that is sent to it.

PS Everytime there is flooding along the Mississippi I wonder if the people downstream really want more water flowing into the Mississippi river anyway.

At 1/25/2006 02:03:00 PM, Blogger Carlos said...

It's exactly for this reason that there is a council made up of all of the states that border the Great Lakes that needs to unanimously vote on places like Waukesha taking water from Lake Michigan.

The stubborn and water-greedy members of the Waukesha county government will simply have to watch their constituents be thirsty a little longer; maybe in a few years they'll realize they need to give a little back if they want to take.

At 1/25/2006 05:51:00 PM, Blogger Craig said...

There's no alternative here. Either Waukesha runs the line back - or they will have strict regulations on how much water you can use in a day and how you can use it. If Waukesha residents like that idea, they can continue to elect the people that they are. Or they can rally for answers and someone in power that can agree to what has to be done.
I'm not sure if anyone like that has even decided to run for Mayor who stands to help Milwaukee on this issue. I'm thinking that answer is no.


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