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Iraq war planning started on 9/11

It has been reported before that the Pentagon was pushing hard right after the September 11th attacks to go to war in Iraq based on declassified notes from meetings. Those notes were also part of the 9/11 Commission Report.

A blogger at Outraged Moderates has now obtained copies of those documents as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request.

Key (click on image for larger version):

  • S.H=Saddam Hussein
  • UBL=Usama bin Laden

Resume Statement:

Best info fast
judge whether good enough
Hit S.H@ same time -
Not only UBL

Tasks Jim Haynes to talk w/ PW for additional support v/v Usis & connection w/ UBL

[REDACTED (N.R. stands for Not Relevant)]

- Hard to get a good case
- Need to move swiftly -

Near term target needs -
- go massive - sweep it all up
- Things related & not

Need to do so to get anything useful"

Head here to read the rest of the notes with cover letter from the Department of Defense.

Tip o' the hat to Steve Clemons.


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