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Great Drinking Liberally this week

We had quite a crowd at this week's Drinking Liberally. I was a bit tardy, but there were plenty of new faces in attendance when I showed up.

Among the attendees were Congressional candidate Bryan Kennedy, Milwaukee County Sheriff candidate Vince Bobot, and J.D. Watts who is running for Milwaukee County Circuit Court. Thanks in part to our group, Club Garibaldi had one of its best nights ever. Next round is slated for March 22nd.

Also, after looking at the main site, it looks like Drinking Liberally has gone international with a new chapter in Dublin. Cheers to our left-leaning cohorts in the Emerald Isle.


At 3/11/2006 08:32:00 AM, Blogger Benny B said...

Really sorry that I couldn't make it this week (or the last 2!). It's been crazy around here with work and the little one (4 months!). I hope to see you soon!!!


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