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Milwaukee METRA expansion

I was going to post something on this, but Jay beat me to it.

Mayor Tom Barrett is proposing an expansion of the proposed Metra extension in Milwaukee. The initial plan has been for the commuter rail service to run from Chicago to the Amtrak station downtown. The mayor is now calling for that extension to include stops west of downtown to Miller Park and State Fair Park. On its face, this seems to make perfect sense considering the traffic that those destinations receive. Read the article in today's local daily here.


At 3/07/2006 05:20:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have they spoke about the costs per ride of this yet? Metra is about $7 per person each way from Kenosha to downtown Chicago. Monthly passes are like $150 or something close to there. It's close the same distance to downtown Milwaukee (Give or take 10-15 miles). If it cost me and my wife $28 round trip to visit Scott in Bay View, I don't know if the cost benefits are there to do that too often. If I worked in downtown Milwaukee within walking distance of the station, this could be cool.
P.S. You can drink beer on the Metra. They have stands in the downtown Chicago station during evening rush with 16 oz plastic bottles to take for the ride.


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