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Quick thoughts on Green's chances

When Scott Walker dropped out handing the GOP primary for governor to Rep. Mark Green, a few things occurred to me. While it saves the Republicans a tough and bruising primary battle, it also means they lose all the free press that comes from events and debates leading up to the primary itself. Most people, political geeks like myself aside, aren't going to pay much attention to the race at all until fall now.

I maintain that Jim Doyle will win the race in November for a few reasons. Congressman Green has a long history of voting with the party and with this president. With President Bush's approval rating at 39% in Wisconsin (57% disapproving), that's not going to be an asset for Green.

As with all competitive elections, it's going to come down to turnout. If Doyle can get his voters out, he'll win. I can't imagine there are very many John Kerry voters who are going to vote Green if they come to the polls.


At 3/29/2006 10:01:00 AM, Anonymous haaz said...

One thing it might do is make Milwaukee County Sheriff candidate Vince Bobot's chances harder. With no gubernatorial primary, Milwaukee County Republicans will have a temptation to cross part lines to vote for the incumbent sheriff, false Democrat David Clarke. It would be disappointing, to say the least, if Clarke won the primary.


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