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Taking initiative on abortion

With states like South Dakota outlawing abortion, and the Supreme Court tipping increasingly against reproductive rights, it's about time Democrats grasped on to this issue and went on offense.

Senate Dems, led by Harry Reid, are introducing the Prevention First Act, which seeks to increase access to contraception, and sex education, initiatives the vast majority of the country supports.

"The bill would prohibit group health plans from excluding contraceptive drugs, devices and outpatient services if they cover the cost of other prescription drugs and outpatient services. It would also require the secretary of health and human services to disseminate information on emergency contraception to healthcare providers and require hospitals receiving federal money to provide emergency contraception to victims of sexual assault.

The bill would also mandate that federally funded programs provide information about contraceptives that is medically accurate and includes data on health benefits and failure rates."

Not only is this legislation needed, it will also expose the real extremists on social policy in this country through their opposition.


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