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Gun shop owner calls for more gun control

The local daily today profiled Badger Outdoors since it leads the nation in firearms sold that have been tied to crimes.

They quote co-owner Mike Beatovic in the story, and asked him if he thinks more safeguards are needed. While the National Rifle Association may not agree with him, he says he supports additional laws mandating background checks on all gun purchases.

Studies have shown that most crime guns change hands at least once after they are sold by a gun shop or other dealer. However, no background check or paperwork for sale is done after the initial purchase. That is wrong, Beatovic said.

He said he has done background checks for people who are selling guns privately and want to make sure they aren't selling to a felon. Beatovic said all gun sales should require background checks.

"Anyone in their right mind should not be against it - and that comes from a gun owner and NRA member," he said.


At 6/01/2006 09:15:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While on the surface Mr. Beatovic suggests 'reasonable' gun control through increasing government (federal, state and local) involvement in private transactions, the principles the United States were founded on and the history of mankind in general, invalidate Mr. Beatovic assertion that government guidance in private transactions results in a safer citizenry.

Why Mr. Beatovic and others fail to learn from history, both recent and ancient, simply defies logic.

The benign to tyrannical government pendulum sways as administrations change. To increase government involvement in private transactions invites revolution when the pendulum sways in the tyrannical direction.

While free men sometimes make bad decisions that result in loss of life, governments slaughter indiscriminately and in numbers that the human mind cannot fathom.

At 6/01/2006 02:11:00 PM, Anonymous Ben said...

I'm glad the you agree that NSA phone-tapping, being a form of government overreach, is a direct trangression on the tranquility of organized society. Smartest thing I've heard a conservative say in a long time.

But what YOU fail to grasp is a libertarian society may operate in action/reaction, but it is the role of government to lessen the growing pains.

Gun ownership is a fact of American life. However the NRA is becoming increasing irrelevant in it's singlemindedness. The tech-nine has no business existing in this universe. It's illegalization will not result in tyranny and inevitable revolution. And gun-whackos, walking around with their c*cks waving about, will still be allowed to own the weaponry that, for example, killed 2 and injured 3 on Memorial Day in South Shore Park, God rest their souls.

(There's still vomit on the grass down there by the carnage. I think you should go down there and smell it before you type another word.)

It is as ignorant and fundumentalist of a gun advocate to be uncompromising on "spray-and-pray" weaponry, designed and manufactured not for sport or game but solely for killing humans, as it would for a pro-choice advocate to be unwaivering on what every liberal I have ever met agrees to be disgusting, late-term abortion.

To quote our fearless leader just the other day, "There is a sensible middle ground."

Go George. Maybe I've misunderestimated him.

At 6/01/2006 04:25:00 PM, Blogger Scott said...

I don't think I'm alone when I say that requiring gun registration is hardly an example of extreme government overreach, or a violation of the Second Amendment for that matter.

Warrantless wiretapping of the citizenry, and going to war under false pretenses are real examples of a government abusing its power.


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