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NYC and DC lose anti-terrorism funds

The Senate voted against restoring cuts to homeland security funds for New York City and Washington, DC today. Under the new funding formula, New York lost 40% of its funds and DC lost 43% even though these two cities were the ones attacked on September 11, 2001.

Meanwhile, anti-terrorism funding has shifted to less populous areas of the country leading yours truly and others to conclude that this has quickly become another pork filled program courtesy of a big spending Republican Congress.

Rural areas have been pitted against major population centers in competing for federal domestic security dollars.

Sen. Charles Schumer, also a New York Democrat, chastised the Department of Homeland Security's list of possible terrorist targets that includes a petting zoo and flea market in less populous areas.

"I've been to petting zoos when I was a kid and I took my children to petting zoos and I never saw a terrorist hiding behind one of the sheep in Little Bo Peep's flock," Schumer said.

The vote went along a largely party line vote of 47-53. Wisconsin senators Kohl and Feingold both voted in favor of restoring the funding.


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