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Joel McNally writes about the stem cell research issue in his Shepherd column this week:

Right now, there are more than 400,000 unused frozen embryos stored in fertility clinics. The number is growing. If those frozen embryos are not used for medical research or a tiny number for some fringe project such as Nightlight’s, the embryos will be destroyed.

That’s the really big lie Bush and Green are trying to perpetuate when they claim they oppose stem cell research because they are pro-life.

The bill vetoed by Bush and opposed by Green specifically limited federally funded stem cell research to frozen embryos that were slated for destruction.

The choice isn’t between using embryos for medical research or creating a blizzard of 400,000 snowflakes. The choice is between medical research that could save millions of lives or throwing embryos into the dumpster.

Which choice is pro-life?


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