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Libertarian speaks out on Green's PAC money

Yesterday, Mark Green was ordered by the Wisconsin Elections Board to return $468,000 in campaign contributions from out of state political action committees not registered in Wisconsin. Green's campaign has responded by saying the ruling was partisan, and a dirty trick orchestrated by the Doyle campaign.

Libertarian board member Jacob Burns, who voted in support of the ruling, responded today. Here's a portion of the statement.

At the State Elections Board meeting, it was frankly a matter of obvious law as to why I voted in favor of having Congressman Green rid his campaign of the illegal PAC money. As a candidate for state office, Congressman Green is required to follow all state election laws, even the laws he was exclusively exempted from when he ran for national office.

Wisconsin campaign laws were created to limit the influence of special interests and big business on Wisconsin politicians. PACs that were not registered in Wisconsin tainted the money transferred by Congressman Green. The money from these unregistered PACs is in violation of state law.

Xoff has more.


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