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Carrying a little stick and speaking loudly in Milwaukee


Sensenbrenner gives Milwaukee the finger

Proving again what a hothead he is, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner lashed out at Milwaukee saying it "is rapidly becoming the murder capital of the U.S." The remark came when Mayor Tom Barrett had the audacity to question the all knowing F. Jim's support of a bill at the top of the NRA's priority list.

The bill in question "would prohibit the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms from from releasing data used to trace guns used in crimes back to the dealers who sold them." When Barrett criticized the measure for restricting the ability of law enforcement to combat gun crimes, Sensenbrenner responded by calling him a "crybaby." Brilliant debating, Congressman. Jolly good.

On the subject of homicides in Milwaukee, of course a lot has to be done. Filling the 200 vacancies in the police department would be a start. To call Milwaukee, which ranked 25th in the country in 2005, the next murder capital is by definition an overstatement.

Congressman, maybe if you weren't spending your time as Judiciary Committee Chairman being the NRA's bitch, you could work with the mayor, and others in the city to do something proactive to help decrease the murder rate in Milwaukee and elsewhere.


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