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Santorum's in trouble

Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) has some more bad news regarding his struggle to hang on to his Senate seat. According to various news sources, neither the Republican National Committee (RNC) or the National Republican Senatorial Committee plans to run ads on his behalf.

It's revealing that the party would pull resources from Santorum, who is chairman of the Senate Republican Conference. Instead the groups are focusing on tough re-election fights in Tennessee, Missouri and Ohio.

More Santorum news at Santorum Exposed.

UPDATE: Social conservatives are set to go all out to fight for Santorum's re-election. Pastors are planning on stuffing voter guides into Sunday church bulletins, and Santorum backers from England will be crossing the pond to help out.

Colin Hanna, head of a PA conservative group called Let Freedom Ring defined the stakes: "If Rick Santorum were to lose, it would be cited as a turning point in the social conservative movement."


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