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In a new column, David Sirota nails the point that it's easy for Republicans to cut taxes and act like fiscal conservatives in Washington since they can borrow and print more money. However, now that some of these former GOP Congressmen have become governors, their tune has changed dramatically on tax policy.

One glaring example of this is Mitch Daniels, who was President Bush's former budget director from 2001-2003. Daniels, now governor of Indiana, is raising taxes on wealthy income earners to balance the budget. Unlike in Washington, governors like Daniels have to actually balance a budget, make tough decisions and assign priorities to the responsibilities of government.

"...these governors are not seen as mere turncoats to be ignored - they are seen as mortal threats to conservatism itself. Because by embracing progressive policies during their states' budget crises, they are exposing conservatism as ill-equipped to deal with real-world challenges.

They are, in effect, publicly admitting that while the mantra of tax cuts and less government makes for nice rhetoric in Washington, it is virtually useless in solving concrete problems."
-David Sirota in his column available here.


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