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There's an excellent history of the politics of Social Security over at Badger Blues. Every time the GOP has tried to undercut the program, they've lost either at the presidential or Congressional level.

As Ben at Badger Blues notes, their strategy has shifted with the most recent attempt to replace Social Security with private accounts. Now, those who despise the New Deal and Social Security are pretending they are trying to preserve them, but their actions speak the opposite.

The question becomes whether the public will see through their sales pitch, and hold them accountable at the ballot box as they have in the past. Recent polling data indicates this new strategy may be failing. The most recent Gallup poll shows support for the president's plan has dropped from 43% to just 35%.

While the president's latest response to criticism over Social Security is to set up a "war room," it may be too late if the Democrats stay united against the plan, and Republicans slowly jump ship.


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