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Those loving the gas prices

The Houston Chronicle had an article the other day about whether or not gas prices are affecting boating.

The article itself is sort of interesting, but this is the money quote:

"I love these prices. The higher, the better," said Frank Gafke, of Galveston, a senior service leader for Halliburton on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Gafke said Halliburton's profits - and his savings account - had increased markedly since fuel prices began rising. He predicted that prices soon will reach $3 per gallon for automobile drivers, as well as for recreational boaters.

And, he said, relief at the pump probably won't come anytime soon.

"Oil just hit $66 per barrel and gas jumped up 6 cents,'' Gafke said. "And if we take any action against Iran, that's only going to cause more price increases. But if you can afford the boat, it doesn't matter what gas costs."

87 Octane currently goes for $2.69-2.79 a gallon at most gas stations in the Milwaukee area.


At 8/18/2005 10:46:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to drag that guy behind my car. Maybe his fat wallet would protect him.


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