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Suspension of MU student overturned

Remember this story? A month ago, a Marquette student was suspended as a result of writings on his personal weblog about students and faculty. This prompted the late blog 1832 and MU prof John McAdams to launch a petition urging the university to reinstate the student and forgive any penalties.

The local daily reports that all's well that ends well as far as this student is concerned. The suspension has been overturned. Hopefully the blogs and signers of the petition played a part in bringing some sense to this dispute.

By the way, whoever is in charge of the Daywatch layout at JSOnline may want to consider making permalinks for each post's anchor. It's a tad annoying to view the page source in order to find the link for the story in question.

UPDATE: The story as it appeared in the paper today. I guess the Daywatch posts aren't permalinked, because they're not archived since that earlier link now points to today's listing of posts.


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