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Carrying a little stick and speaking loudly in Milwaukee


More AAR-MKE press

Tim Cuprisin published a column about the recent movement to land an Air America station in Milwaukee. In it, he quotes founder Shel Drobny and describes the community investor model they're pursuing here.

A primary reason they're taking this approach of getting local investors involved is to avoid what happened down in Phoenix, Arizona only a few months ago. After 1010-AM KXXT switched to Air America, their ratings soared to 3rd place among the market's 25 AM stations in just nine months on the air. That was until Communicom Broadcasting purchased the station and yanked the format, only to give Phoenix its ninth religious broadcast station.

The people of Phoenix rallied though, and in less than a month, they managed to find their new home at 1480-AM KPHX. Using the community investor model in Milwaukee, the Drobnys are seeking to avoid another hostile takeover of an otherwise successful station.

You can visit Air America Milwaukee to learn more about the goings on here in town.


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