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I guess all political donations are evil

Carrie Lynch expresses that sentiment in a post today about Republican accusations regarding contributions to the Doyle campaign. Excerpt:

A story in the Wisconsin State Journal today is the one that makes it official. The story is highlighting a ridiculous accusation by the Republicans about a business that gave money to Governor Doyle but didn't get any business from the state. If you have been following the news, adding this story to the mix means business that don't get contracts from the state cannot give money and businesses that do get contracts from the state cannot give money before OR after getting a contract.

That's everyone I guess. Anyone that works for a business is not allowed to give money to politicians because you just never know if your employer might get a contract from the state or might not get a contract from the state.

Keep in mind that Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Green voted against banning unlimited soft money contributions from corporations in the House a few years ago. It's a bit ironic that Green and his backers in the GOP are throwing out all these accusations about contributions when it's they who have stood in the way of campaign finance reform at the national and state level for years.

If the state Republicans want to finally support a vote on the campaign finance reform bill in the legislature, which Gov. Doyle has said he would sign, great. If Mark Green wants to have a debate about how best to push back on the influence of corporate money in politics, I'm all for it. Until then, this concern seems rather disingenuous.


At 8/01/2006 10:31:00 PM, Anonymous grapeshot said...

Didn't Green also take about $13K or so of DeLay's money? It's hard to believe that didn't come with strings attached! Oh, wait a minute. Wasn't it an aide to Green that got free Redskins tickets from Abramoff??

oh, and I just bet there were businesses that contributed to Green's campaign during the recent fundraiser that Bush gave for him in Milwaukee. Or would he have us believe that it's perfectly okay for business to donate to him since he's only a congressman, but it's not okay to donate to the governor. What a dildo he is!

At 8/02/2006 09:29:00 AM, Anonymous Ben said...

It's funny considering the Republican Party just paid to get the Green Party senate challenger in Pennsylvania on the ticket to steal votes from Santorum's Democratic challenger.

Seems a bit hypocrytical.

Nothing new there.


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