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Election board lobbied. Green PAC decision Monday

The local daily reported Thursday on Doyle campaign lawyer lobbying the state Elections Board while they were considering whether gubernatorial candidate Mark Green could transfer his federal PAC money into his state campaign. According to the article, such an act is legal. I probably would have been surprised if campaign lawyers didn't get involved in a decision like this considering its implications on this race and ones in the future.

Reading through the correspodence, Democratic board member Carl Holborn makes it pretty clear to Doyle campaign lawyer Michael Maistelman that he will make a decision based on the facts and law not pressure from an attorney.

In the meantime, Department of Justice lawyers argued before a Dane County judge that the transfer of Green's PAC money was in violation of both state and federal laws. A ruling is expected Money er, Monday.

Nothing like a good old fashioned election campaign on the issues.


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